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Never let ANYONE tell you that a fluffy, frou-frou dog can’t do agility! Yep, bows and clips intact, hair a-flowing, we girls ROCK! Just ask my idol, the most incredible agility Shih Tzu in history, MACH 12 Niki.

These two pics were taken by Photography by M at my first AKC Agility Trials held at TeWinkle Park in August 2011

oc register3
oc register2
oc register

these three photos were taken by Jeff Antenore for the O.C. Register on 11/13/10 in Lake Forest, CA

read the article written by Erika I. Ritchie, Pet Lovers Swarm Park for Extravaganza

chelsea LOVES jumps

This is Harper's Naughty Niki and she is AMAZING! If you clicked on the link waaaay up at the top of this page, then you read about her at the beginning of her agility career. Click Amazing Niki to read what she's done…no other Shih Tzu in HISTORY has done (nor probably ever WILL)! Unfortunately, darling Niki has recently passed away. We all miss her dearly. We doubt any Shih Tzu will be able to make it as far as this miraculous agility dog.


©2009–2016 Beach Angel Chelsea & Sherry Skipper Spurgeon. All Rights Reserved.

Picture of Harper's Naughty Niki is used with Linda Harper's permission.

Pictures from the O.C. Register are used with permission.

Clip art from DJ Inkers is used with permission.

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Jump & Go Agility Dog!